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Social walls and display solutions with Tweet Binder Events

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Display solutions: Why not?

Display solutions for events are more successful than ever. It’s time to think again about the way we communicate with the attendees. The most efficient way is through screen solutions displaying social content. Fortunately, Tweet Binder is here to help you. We offer the most complete and customizable catalog of social walls for events. In fact, we have top Twitter display solutions. They are easy to implement and personalize to any type of event. Discover all the possibilities that we offer and create your own social experience.

Social walls for each type of event

The attendees are use to consume real time information. Moreover, they love to feel part of the event. It is in our hands to give importance to their opinions and make them feel relevant. Thanks to Tweet Binder, it is possible to create the perfect social wall for each type of event. It doesn’t matter if it’s something small or if we are gathering a lot of people.

Social Walls can be 100% customized. Of course, you can choose the design and content you want to display. In addition, all the content can be moderated. In order to classify them, we establish the following types of social walls:

– Private events
– Conferences and summits
– Sports events
– Outdoor events

Private Events

There are not small events. It doesn’t matter if it’s a business event, a product release, a party or a private event. The magic of social content can be there through a social wall. Choose the content you want to show and surprise the audience. It is also a very effective way to give visibility to the event with little effort.

Conferences and summits

In a world full of conferences and events, it is necessary to make the difference. Social networks have become a very effective marketing tool to improve the engagement with the public and spread the conversation beyond the venue. It is possible to show moderated content (from Twitter and Instagram), rankings, general statistics, images… It is a very simple way to encourage attendees to tweet. You can also propose hashtag battles, friendly competitions between users… Imagination has no limits.

Sport events

Sports content and events are all over social networks. Tweet Binder helps you to use all that content and create amazing experiences for the fans. They will enjoy appearing on the big screen and sharing their passion. They will be able to interact with other users by creating a great sense of community. Games and sport events will never be the same!

Outdoor events

Social walls make any event unique and extraordinary. They make the public feel as an essential part of the outdoor event. Besides, the social walls will encourage the attendees to share content and keep the interest alive during the event. Music festivals, races and marathons, public events, parties… It will be a success everywhere and they can also be sponsored.

Choose the most appropriate for your event

The sky is the limit if we talk about content and design. Also, remember that all of our social walls can be moderated. As a consequence, you will have the control over the content that appears on the screen. Do you have something in mind? Please contact us and we will advise you on the best display solutions for you. As you may already know, we are available 24/7 in this mail.