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Social Walls for outdoor events and festivals

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Summer time is made for Social Walls

It is summer time and we are enjoying some of the best events and festivals around the world thanks to our Social Walls and Social Media Display solutions. Everybody loves to spend time under the sun and so does Mister Binder! All the events we are attending this summer have something in common: the use of Social Media solutions to spread the conversation and amaze the audience.

Tweet Binder have created amazing Walls to cover all these requirements. In some cases, we have developed a Twitter Wall with the best photos, posts and tweets from the community but depending on the kind of event (music festivals for example) we have chosen the Instagram hashtag wall.

Social Walls are now widely in use so it is time to make the event unique and extraordinary. By using Tweet Binder’s technology, the Social Walls help to turn any audience into an essential part of the event.What is more, users share content even more during the outdoor events so it is the best way to engage with the attendees.

I want a Social Wall… Let’s make some quick decisions!

Tweet Binder doesn’t limit the number of hashtags although there will be less risks for your audience to be mistaken if we communicate the event with only one official hashtag. Once we know the hashtag, it is time to work!

The content does not have always to be the same. You can choose between displaying Twitter, Instagram or both. The Twitter Wall can include general stats, rankings, tweets and pics and the Instagram hashtag wall presents pics and number of post. On the other hand, our Design Team works really hard to create the perfect experience and integrate the Social Wall into the event’s image perfectly. Here we want to summarize some of our latest Social Walls but as you already know, you can develope your own experience with us.

#Adoptafest: Twitter wall for a good cause

We had a blast last Sunday with our friends from Pedigree Mexico and Lunave Digital. Pedrigree decided to organize #Adoptafest for a really good cause. In that case, the animals were the main characters as they collected dog food according to the number of tweets shared under the hashtag. The users who were there had to upload photographs of the traces of their puppies to Twitter and Instagram. The goal was to get 70 tons of food and it was accomplished!

The Twitter wall showed up the total amount of tweets (that correspond to the amount of food), the ranking of the most active and most popular users and the main tweets and images to engage with the audience. In addition, they were able to enjoy lectures, volunteer workshops, colloquiums focused on the importance of taking care of dogs… It was amazing!

Instagram hashtag wall to rock any music festival: #Carrefest2017

#Carrefest2017 had a huge activity during the previous week thanks to all the publications and votes. For this reason, the Instagram hashtag wall deserved a special place on the stage the day of the event. With huge screens, it projected Instagram pics in real time. Thanks to the moderation panel of Tweet Binder, the content was under control. It was a music festival so the image of the attendees was the most important part of the Instagram hashtag wall.

Don’t wait to discover everything about Tweet Binder Events and become part of Tweet Binder. Try our display solutions or contact us to get to know better our services. We will be more than happy to help you.