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Diving into the world of Social Media can be a little bit scary. But swimming in the depth world of it analytics and insights is a great thing. Social Media mentions are a source of real and live insights on your product, brand or company. Doing an analysis on a hashtag or account whether if it’s yours or of a competitor can help you gain knowledge about the market and the clients.

Tweet Binder gives us the number of tweets of a hashtag in seconds
The number of tweets of a hashtag is given in the “infographic report”

You can come along with lots of questions such as: How can I obtain all the stats on a hashtag? How can I track Instagram mentions? Are Social Media mentions as important as they seem? Well, the truth is that Tweet Binder can help answer all those questions and much more. Our Social Media monitoring tool allows you to track social media mentions on real time, run historical reports without mattering when the tweets were sent and it also helps you displaying all those stats.

How to run a Twitter report

Let’s see how you can do a hashtag measurement on twitter just by following three simple steps.

  1. Log in with your Twitter account (mandatory by Twitter)
  2. Type the hashtag/term/keyword you need to track
  3. Click on the “Seek” button and let Mr. Binder create your report

After that, you will arrive to your Twitter report. Tweet Binder offers two types of reports infographic report and advanced report. The infographic report gives you a general overview of the hashtag. It provides the main stats so that you can quickly see how many tweets your term has received or how many users and impressions it has had.

Try Tweet Binder now and analyze your hashtags

Advanced stats and excel exportation

However, if you want to go deeper and learn more about the hashtag you should go to our advanced report and also check it’s excel exportation. The online advanced report gives you an analysis on not only the hashtag but also on the users that have participated as well as on the content of their tweets. You will find user rankings, hashtag rankings, most mentioned accounts and much more.

All these stats are later exported to an excel document that lets you to “play” with the stats and organize the information as you need to.

On the other hand, we have Instagram stats. Don’t let our name fool you! Even though we are Tweet Binder we also track hashtags on Instagram. You will also get an online report and its exportation to an excel document.

Instagram analytics by Tweet Binder
Instagram trending topic analytics by Tweet Binder. #MetGala report.

As you can see, it is very easy to obtain Social Media analysis. You do not need to have run a campaign on Twitter; you can always track what users are saying about your company or your product. This way, you will be able to see what they think and provide them with custom solutions taking in account your thoughts.

If, after reading this post, you still have doubts about what insights you can obtain with a Twitter or Instagram reports, please feel free to contact us at any moment. Tweet Binder’s doors are open 24/7 and our team will gladly help you with any inquiries you may have.

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