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Social listening platforms – Why to choose one

social listening platforms

It goes without saying that Social Media has become the perfect place to talk about anything. If you dive into Twitter one morning you will discover a wide range of conversations. Some users will be speaking about the latest season of Game of Thrones, some about the latest Taylor Swift concert or about Donald Trump policies. The important thing here is if those users are speaking about your company or your product. Are your clients happy with your product? Are potential clients asking questions about your services? It’s Twitter! They are speaking about your company for sure! But, how to keep track of Twitter conversations? This might seem as a difficult challenge but it isn’t.

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As Social Media grows, so does the list of social listening platforms. Nowadays a community manager can type those terms in Google and a wide range of tools will show up. Every tool is different, they offer different metrics and stats. The first thing to have in mind is: What do I need to track? Which date range do I need to analyze? So, lets start with those questions and we will later look at some social listening tools.

Social Media tracking – What to analyze and when to do it

A community manager must know in advance what they need to track. Different campaigns will require different kinds of tracking. So, starting with the first question: What do I need to track? Social listening platforms can analyze any type of content: Keywords, hashtags, URLs, accounts or related terms. They allow the user to track a combination of those terms as well. So for example, a query of a report can be to analyze tweets containing: #Hashtag OR @account OR Related term. That way, a community manager can have under the same analysis all the mentions to their product and their company’s name, for example. Therefore, they will have a wider range of their audience.

Social Listening platform
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Social Media metrics tools also allow their users to choose the date range they need to analyze. Sometime a real time report might be what they need but they might sometimes need to look back. So the next question would be: when am I running the report? Has my campaign took place yet? Or is it going to start in the following days? That is how we get to the historical data or real time data. In an ideal world, every community manager would have a neat calendar with all the campaigns marked. That way, they would know when to start a real time report to analyze each and every campaign they launch. Real time Twitter analytics is the best way of tracking campaigns as users can know at the moment what is being said about their company or product.

However, the speed our daily lives go doesn’t allow community managers to follow their calendar step by step. But, do not worry. That is when historical data comes up to save the day! With this feature, social media platforms let users track hashtags or terms with out date limitation. So, for example, imagine that you want to compare what was being said about your brand back in 2009 with what is being said nowadays about it. Historical data lets you analyze that. Tweet Binder is a social media tracking tool that lets their PRO users to go as back in time as they need to.

Social listening platforms – Why to use them

We could come up with an endless list of reasons why to use a social media monitoring tool. Twitter has become the place where users go to express their opinions on every imaginable topic. You can search for any brand or product, there will be always people speaking about it. So, how can not you dive into this audience of potential customers to see what they are saying? Social listening platforms allow community managers to get all that info and much more.

Having said this, we can point out some of the main reasons to use a Social Media monitoring tool:

  1. Get to know your clients
  2. Find out what your customers are saying about you
  3. Discover potential clients
  4. Gather information to build a strategy and take actions
  5. Keep track of your online reputation

These are just some of the reasons why to have a Social Media metrics tool. We know there are much more out there but these five give a good overview of why to use them. Also, it goes without saying that Social Media monitoring tools are time-saving solutions. Having all the campaigns and reports under one platform allow community managers to easily jump from one analysis to another. They have no time to waste when analyzing campaigns or social media reputation. Their days are very busy so the need to choose one social listening platform that allows them to have everything set in one place.

Tweet Binder – A social monitoring tool

There are lots of Social listening platforms out there. In the following lines we are going to point out the main features Tweet Binder offers their users. This social media monitoring tool does not only analytics but also features for events and custom projects. We have dedicated several posts to those two features (events & custom projects) so in this post we are going to focus on the analytics features.

Tweet Binder is a Social monitoring tool that allows its users to track Twitter and Instagram. On Instagram users can look for historical data on any hashtags. Whereas on Twitter they can look up for real-time data and historical data. So, depending on the type of campaign a community manager needs to track, they will activate a different kind of report. It is very important to have in mind that Tweet Binder offers a free version. With the free feature, a user can create reports of up to 2,000 tweets from the past 7 days. Of course, this free version does not give as many metrics as the PRO one. But it is enough to have a glimpse of what Tweet Binder is capable of providing and jump to the PRO version.

Twitter historical data with Tweet Binder

With this social media monitoring tool a user can create three different kind of reports that fetch historical data:

  1. 7-day report: It analyzes the last 7 days. In the free version it gives up to 2,000 tweets and in the PRO version up to 10,000 tweets
  2. 30-day report: It analyzes the last 10 days. Standard reports give up to 35,000 tweets but this limit can always be increased.
  3. Historical report: It has no time limitation, it can go as back in time as needed. Standard reports give up to 140,000 tweets but the limit can also be increased.

This video illustrates how to create a 30-day report. This feature is included in all our monthly an annual plans except for the basic plan. With this last one, a user can only create 7-day reports. If you watch the video, you will see that creating a 30-day report is very easy. However, if you are not a PRO user, this social listening platform lets users purchase one-time reports. So, if you need to purchase a 30-day report for a specific campaign, you can do it from our homepage.

Another useful feature of this social media tracking tool, is that it gives the opportunity to analyze Twitter historical data with no limits. This means that if you need to analyze a campaign from 2017, you can do it with Tweet Binder! Historical Twitter reports have a fixed price of 219,99€.

Social Listening platforms – Conclusions

Having said all this about Social Media metrics tools, it is important to sum up some of the things we have talked about. The importance of listening to the buzz generated on Social Media has been pointed out. No company should define their strategy without seeing first what their audience is saying about them. That is why finding a social listening platform is so important. More reasons on this matter have been said such as identifying potential customers or finding arguments to take actions on the company’s strategy.

At Tweet Binder we are always willing to help our customers and users discover all the upper mentioned things. With our monthly or annual plans and our one-time reports, PRO users have complete back up from the Tweet Binder team. This is not just a social listening platform, it is also a client listening platform. Meaning that we always listen to our clients needs and recommendations in order for our services to respond to their needs. So, if after reading this you want to try this Social metrics tool do not hesitate and visit now also, if you have some questions, our team is willing to help you.

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