Analyzing real time data and Twitter chats with Tweet Binder

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Twitter chats to spread the conversation

Nowadays, most marketers use Twitter to promote content. They also try to build brand awareness and connect with their followers. There is a strategy that works really well for these three aims: Hosting Twitter chats. Many conversations take place every day on Twitter and Tweet Binder is here to help with that task. Our Twitter tool is the best option to analyze real time data. Moreover, once you discover all the Twitter data included in our Twitter impact reports, you will learn how to make the most out of your chats.

Real Time Tracking
Analyze any hashtag or team in real time

The importance of real time data

The advantages of collecting real time data are numerous. First, it allows us to have immediate access to all the information about the Twitter chats. Thanks to this speed, we can have total control over how our chat is evolving. We will also have the information to make decisions or modify our discourse if it is going through unexpected topics.

Real time hashtag tracking tool
Tweet Binder creates real time reports

On the other hand, we will be able to discover the most active accounts in real time. This is really useful to encourage people to tweet. They will be aware of the importance of their activity. What is more, you will be able to recognize their merit or reward their fidelity while the Twitter chats are taking place. If you want to analyze your Twitter Chats and obtain all the Twitter data you have arrived to the right place. We offer real time data thanks to our Live reports. You can purchase these reports one by one or, if it is better for you, you can subscribe to our Twitter plan. Anyway, you will received the complete report with the main stats, rankings and extra info constantly updated. Hey! Remember that the excel document will be available once the collection is over.

I have my report, what can I discover from the Twitter data?

If you have purchased the real time report, welcome to Tweet Binder. Welcome to a world full of stats and Twitter data. The live report will include all the information that you need to analyze and evaluate your Twitter chats. First of all, you will find all the main stats. Total number of tweets, users, impacts and reach, followers per contributor and tweets per contributor. Besides, you will be able to play with the activity chart. You can adjust the period of time to figure out the highlights of the Twitter chat. If you adjust the timeline, the types of tweets will be updated as well.

Timeline activity
Select the period of time and discover the Twitter data

In addition, you will have access to more than 8 user rankings updated in real time. This way, you will have all the information about the people involved and the way they do it. Our reports include four rankings related to the activity (Most active users, Ranking of retweeters, Most original users and Top photographers) and two rankings related to the community (Most popular users and Highest impact). Here you can learn more about our user rankings.

Finally, you will receive extra information like the sources, the volume of followers per user, images, transcripts… And all of this will also appear in the Excel document.

Try now!

Many clients use Tweet Binder for the Twitter chats. It is the fastest way to get Twitter data in a clear and orderly way. Do you usually organize chats? Maybe you should try our reports in real time. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.

Real time data