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I have just purchased an Instagram report… Now what?

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First steps after purchasing an Instagram report

After purchasing an Instagram report you will receive a confirmation email at you inbox. There, apart from thanking you for trusting us, we will send you some information such as your username, the date of purchase, your email and the session code. This way you will be able to easily track down your report. Once you have received this email, the system will start working on your report and the Instagram information. Instagram and Twitter work differently and so does the access to their data. That’s why Instagram reports aren’t generated automatically. In order to get one of these reports, a member of our team has to personally work on it and send it to the client. These reports also have some Instagram information that we will mention later on. 

What Instagram information will I find inside my Instagram report?

At Tweet Binder we don’t just offer Twitter analytics but also Instagram information. The best thing about this is that there’s no difference between each type of reports. They’re presented the same way and work exactly the same. The Instagram information included inside the Instagram reports is also presented in a very attractive way and is really easy to read and to understand. They allow you to quickly see the main statistics and information around your hashtag or term. They contain user rankings, the most mentioned posts and the ones that got the most likes. In addition, you are able to download an Excel document which contains all the information and allows you to work with it as needed. 

Instagram hashtag analysis of #TheMatildas
#TheMatildas Instagram hashtag analysis

But, as we have mentioned before, this type of reports have some special characteristics. Whereas Twitter reports are limited by date, Instagram reports are limited by number of posts. What does this mean? This means that they can contain posts from two years ago, for example. If they contain the hashtag their date won’t affect the result. The report is limited by the number of posts that contain the hashtag. Finally, Instagram does not allow to analyze stories. In consequence we can’t provide that type of statistics.

Aspects in which an Instagram report can be helpful

Instagram has become an essential tool for brands. Almost every company and agency has its own Instagram account. Through their profiles they share lots of stuff and interact with their audience. Influencers also need to know what’s going on with their posts and accounts. That is why Tweet Binder’s Instagram reports are so helpful. They provide us information about the users that have used the term, the number of comments, likes, impacts and reach. Moreover, the influence and engagement that it has generated. Also, the most influential users, users with the highest number of likes and comments… We can also know which have been the photos that have received the most likes, a location map, related hashtags and even the most used filters.

If you also want to have your Instagram report feel free to get it. It is really worth it to have a tool that allows you to analyze all the activity around your brand and even your personal profile. 

Purchase your report!