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Presidential elections or political events have radically changed over the years. With the arrival of Social Media political campaigns have made a turnover. It has become necessary to listen to what people say on Twitter. This Social Network has become a political forum where potential voters express their political points of view. Therefore, it has become the place for candidates and campaign managers to find voters. In order to make the most of all this content, political polls on Twitter are the latest trend. By analyzing mentions to candidates and parties we can have a sense of how the voting is going to evolve. Also, the Twitter sentiment analytics Tweet Binder has helps to better detect these potential voters. If you don’t want to create a site for political twitter polls, you can analyze any party or candidate by clicking the following button:

Analyze a political party or candidate

Tweet Binder is always aware of your needs and ideas. We have talked many time about the powerful combination between Politics and Twitter. Now, we have listened to your ideas and we present the Political polls on Twitter. It is the best solution for real-time analysis on Twitter because it combines the multiple hashtag activity and user rankings on Twitter to encourage the participation and organic impact.

Political polls on Twitter

Tweet Binder can create the perfect space for Twitter and Politics. The Twitter political polls combine all the power of live information and social networks. The electoral process and presidential campaigns generate thousands of tweets related with the candidates, the parties and the voters. There are countless messages because every political party shows their expectations, reactions and opinions on Twitter. The Political polls on Twitter take advantage of all that content. By analyzing the mentions each party and candidate receives, we can create a custom site where all those data are displayed. All these rankings and charts will help us to predict who the next president would be according to Twitter. Therefore, it generates engagement and can be considered as a social thermometer.

Twitter political debate
Analyzing the repercussion of a Political debate on Twitter

This Presidential Elections Microsite presents a revolutionary system. Thanks to our technology, it is possible to take all the relevant information and political news to a higher level. On the other hand, it is really easy to make the citizens and voters feel that they share valuable opinions.

Barometer: real-time analysis on Twitter

The Political polls on Twitter can combine many modules. For that reason, all users can find what they are looking for. Tweet Binder displays a Tweet counter for each one of the hashtags to know the real-time analysis on Twitter. This module confronts all the candidates in a healthy competition. As a conclusion, it is possible to see who gets more representation. Thanks to our own technology, the site collects all the content generated on Twitter in real time and shows the exact results the moment they are shared on Twitter.

On the other hand, the Twitter political polls generate the number of posts shared under the hashtag automatically. By showing the activity of the hashtag, we encourage the participation of the users. Firstly, because they generate the content themselves. Secondly, because they can consult that content in an attractive and useful site. Presidential campaigns generate thousands of tweets, the majority issued by voters and media. In summary, the Twitter real-time analysis takes advantage of all that content to transform it into something new and pioneering.

User rankings on Twitter

There is no doubt. It is important to know who is tweeting about our candidate or politician. In order to achieve greater impact and traffic, the Presidential Elections Microsite shows two different user rankings on Twitter to show the most mentioned parties and politicians. For that reason, users can see how their tweets are valued. Moreover, they can help their favorite candidates to be the number 1. The key is to encourage the users by sending tweets. Also, a ranking can be cerated for the users. This way, we can identify who is the most active when mentioning a party or when mentioning a candidate.

Catalan referendum: Political poll on Twitter

We have always believed that technology should never limit the good ideas or people’s imagination. The consultancy agency Kreab and the have proven it. They launched the first Twitter observatory on for the Catalan referendum this October 1st. Catalonia has lived a few days of turbulence in which citizens were expecting social changes. In this kind of political events, Twitter becomes a fundamental tool to share opinions. Fast and real-time information flows like water and users consume it constantly. That is why Kreab and worked to conceptualize what was happening on Twitter in relation to the referendum in real time.

The Observatory of the 1st October on Twitter was inserted in the site. It allowed to consult all the real time data shared about what was going on related to Catalonia. In this post we’ll explain what the observatory is and why we think that Kreab and teams have innovated with this site.

Twitter hashtag rankings

First of all, the observatory showed us a ranking with the most relevant hashtags of the conversation about the Catalonian issue. This ranking served to see which hashtags were the ones that were used the most by people and political parties. In this sense it is very curious to check how political parties tried to position certain hashtags that were not very successful and how those that were generic succeeded, such as #1OCT or #Votarem. Every new hashtags that emerged during the days that the site was active were entered into a management system and appeared in its position.

Maps with geolocation of tweets

There is no doubt. The most interesting part (at least from our point of view) of the microsite was the interactive map in which each new tweet was shown. If a user launched a tweet using any of the hashtags in the ranking, it automatically appeared on the map. This term has been tested to satiety by our team and is even addictive to see how the tweets are appearing.

The range of colors was controlled from an administration panel. It gave different shades to a hashtag or another depending on the theme they play. For example, a more red tone can be given to those hashtags that were used mostly by “no” and “green” for the supporters.

Twitter political content

The module with the ranking of politicians and parties on Twitter was really interesting. In this case it is very important to emphasize that the participation of the politicians was taken into account according to the original tweets they sent, not the RTs. For that reason, the politicians that wanted to appear in the ranking, had to contribute with their own content. On the one hand, the politicians and the other parties are shown.

Finally, the microsite showed two modules with tweets of politicians, parties and relevant personalities. And another with photographs sent by users. These two modules were the only ones in a separate section where it was possible to consult more paginated content. From here you could follow all the opinions of the key people in the referendum and see the latest photographs.

We warmly congratulate the team of Kreab, led by Pablo Gallego, and for this ambitious and interesting project. The coverage of political events in Spain will be seen in another way after the 1-O Digital Observatory on Twitter.

Analyze a political party or candidate