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Case Study: The new @SeFutbol T-shirt by @adidas_ES

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Polemic trends on Twitter

Hundreds of topics come out on Twitter every day. These campaigns generate many reactions among users; Some are good and some are not. It is important to always be aware of their impact on social networks, specially on Twitter. Top brands have to be very careful with the impact of their messages because they tend to have large numbers of followers and ambassadors. Nowadays, every brand uses an analytics tool for social media to see the impact of their campaigns. In this case, we want to analyze the controversy generated around the new @SeFutbol T-shirt made by @adidas_ES and its user rankings with Tweet Binder.

@SeFutbol and @adidas_ES analysis

In this report we have analyzed the mentions made to @SeFutbol and @adidas_ES. We have not taken into account the tweets that mentioned the accounts separately but only those who mentioned them in the same tweet. It is imaginable that the content published by these accounts does not get unnoticed. It would be difficult because @adidas_ES account has more than 900,000 followers and the @SeFutbol, more than a million.

The controversy has become viral because some users claimed that the new design of the t-shirt reminded the Republican Spanish flag. Now let’s look at the real impact that this issue has had on Twitter.

More than seven thousand tweets have been published mentioning the football team and Adidas’ account in Spain. These tweets have been published by a total of 5,005 users and have generated 11,959,794 impacts. As we know, tweets can be classified into four types:

1- Retweets
2- Text Tweets
3 – Replies
4- Links & images

In this case, 2,883 of the 7,437 total tweets are retweets. The rest can be divided into the other three types. It is important to highlight that the same tweet can be considered as a link and also as a conversation as it may contain a mention. The important thing here is to know that tweets are never counted twice in the general counter. As a resume, a tweet will only be counted once but, when it comes to its classification, it can fit in more than one category.

User rankings

Tweet Binder provides up to 8 user rankings with information about the users who have participated in the campaign. In addition, it not only takes into account the most active but also the most mentioned. For that reason, the information that you can analyze is huge.

First of all, we see that there are users who have been very active in discussing the controversy around the new T-shirts.

@Vicfuga46 tweets
@TerrordeRoma43 tweets
@EmaniOreis40 tweets
@Jonsistas133 tweets
@NessyHeil30 tweets

We can also analyze the most mentioned terms:

#heretocreate1.049 menciones
#BoicotADIDAS68 menciones
#Asco45 menciones
#Boicot_ADIDAS29 menciones
#MundialRusia201819 menciones

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As you can see, the information that you can extract from our reports is broad. It helps a lot to draw conclusions and see the impact that a campaign has had on Twitter. If you also have a campaign or you are curious about a term, contact us!