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There are a thousands of Twitter Chats taking place weekly. Organized and moderated by a host every week at the same hour and often developed with #Q (for questions) and #A (for answers) you can find a lot of topics and communities committed to discuss and share their ideas. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about Social Media, there are Twitter Chats about education, healthcare, fashion… Almost any topic. Tweet Binder is the perfect tool to manage these Twitter Chats and their Twitter stats.

Twitter Chat – The hours

In the case of Philip Gleeson, he’s determined to improve and make known some towns (such as Dublin, Galway or Limerick)  and business around Ireland. His chats are becoming relevant overpassing the thousand of tweets nearly on every chat. Here’s why he’s using Tweet Binder to organize and manage the Twitter Chats that he promotes:

How did you discover Binder Tweet?

Another business colleague told me about it. He used it a few times for Twitter Stats and liked it a lot.

How does Tweet Binder help you with your Twitter weekly reports?

I find that the clients I work for all want accountability and want to see exact stats and figures.  They love these independent reports from Tweet binder.

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How are the reports useful for measuring your weekly chats?

I can see growth weekly. I can spot if campaigns are not working and can fix them immediately. Knowing the Twitter stats is incredibly useful for us.

Would you add or modify any data or information to what we already offer?

I’d like follower lists in batches of 12 with commas between each follower so I can copy and paste them into Tweet Guru for Direct Messages.

Tweet summary: your experience using Tweet Binders (less than 140 characters)

I value Tweet Binders very highly. I appreciate they are independent and prove that my business is working for my clients. Managing these Twitter Chats is really interesting and analyze the Twitter Stats, 100% necessary.