Create your own customizable reports with Tweet Binder!

Tweet Binder has been used since the beginning by many companies, agencies and social media managers. We have learnt a lot from you and we love to make your job easy and magnificent. If having amazing Twitter hashtag analytics reports wasn’t enough, we came up with new ideas to make your Tweet Binder experience much more useful.

For that reason, we have just launched a new service. Tweet Binder now allows you to customize all your reports in just one click. You can insert your company or agency logo and you choose your branded color and background in order to create the perfect look & feel. Pay once and it lasts until forever! It does not matter if it is a Twitter or an Instagram report, you can now give them the look you want them to have. This way, Tweet Binder’s name does not have to necessarily appear unless you want it to. It will seem that the report has been completely by your company/agency.

Do you need to customize you reports? Please, feel free to contact us and we will give you the best solution. You can find us at marketing(@), on skype: tweetbinder, on Twitter: @tweetbinder or here.