Original content VS Retweeted content on Twitter

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Twitter has a very unique feature: retweets

It is not like we have discovered the wheel or anything, but the Twitter’s retweet feature adds a unique point of view in our campaigns or events. Retweeted content on Twitter is not an original content, is just a repetition of somebody’s message. If a person tweets something interesting we can choose to retweet it so our followers will see that great content. Facebook kind of copied this feature when it presented the “share” button on posts; this actually makes perfect sense, I want my community to know what this person or company said on Twitter without having to write it again, but also I want my community to know who wrote it. For brands and companies retweeted content on Twitter adds a new level of amplification and conversation they must be aware of when launching a campaign or event (or hashtag) on Twitter.

As you may know, we are launching a new version of the Tweet Binder platform. In mid May we will unveil what we have been working on for the last months. Don’t worry, this post is not a self-promotion post to let you know about the new platform. We just want to let you know that in this new version we have given a very important role to the original content. We’ll tell you why.

Types of content on Twitter

When we are tracking a hashtag there are basically two types of content:

  • Original content on Twitter: tweets sent and written by a contributor. They can be:
    • Replies: if they reply to another user
    • Pictures: tweets containing a picture
    • Links: tweets containing a link to another website or containing a tweet
    • Text tweets: tweets only containing text. (Notice that a tweet can contain a reply, pic and link at the same time)
  • Retweeted content on Twitter: retweets to another account’s tweets.
Tweet Binder track the hashtag #RockHall2018
Classification of tweets for the hashtag #RockHall2018

This is pretty basic, we know, but now we must ask ourselves: what do I want for my campaign? What kind of content do I prefer for my campaign? Do I prefer to get retweeted content on Twitter or is it better that people add original content? There is no perfect answer for this question, it will depend on the goals of the campaign, however we think that it is mandatory to have enough original content, we want people to read other people’s content about our hashtag.

Original content in the new Tweet Binder

We’ll try not to make any spoiler here, but the new Tweet Binder has a special place for original content. In the current version of Tweet Binder you can read the original content in the classification dashboard, we clean out the retweets so you can focus on the original tweets. That part will remain almost the same, however the stats will change a bit. Why? Because we are giving the same importance to original tweets and retweets and that’s not quite fair. We think that our users must see also stats for the original content.

We do have a ranking of original contributors that show the users who have added content. Now we will be adding three new metrics:

  • Number of original tweets: how many original tweets were sent using your Twitter hashtag.
  • Number of original contributors: how many people sent original content even if they also sent retweets.
  • Number of original tweets per contributor: how many tweets were sent per original contributor
  • Average number of Retweets per original tweet: this way we will see which or the original contributors generate more engagement.

We’ve come up with these new metrics after talking to many of our clients and users, you guys are great. Thanks for making Tweet Binder better. The new release of Tweet Binder is planned for mid May, we don’t want to rush but we are so excited about this.

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