How to count the number of tweets for a Twitter Hashtag

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How many tweets does a hashtag have?

The number of tweets of a hashtag is one of the main KPIs we must know. If we are running a marketing campaign or organizing an event we will encourage people to use our hashtag, then we must know how many tweets it got. Before we learn how to calculate this number we must know that the number of tweets is not the only key metric in a hashtag. There are other important ones that we must know such as users or impacts. Knowing the number of impacts of a hashtag on Twitter is essential as well.

We will just follow these simple steps:

  1. Access Tweet Binder (Tool to analyze hashtags on Twitter)
  2. Log in using your Twitter user
  3. Write the hashtag in the search box
  4. Access to the report and check out the number of tweets.

To learn how to calculate the number of tweets of a hashtag on Twitter we will be using Tweet Binder: The hashtags tracking tool for Twitter (what a surprise!). Tweet Binder will tell us how many tweets a hashtag has and will teach us how to see the different types of tweets. To access Tweet Binder just go to and log in using your Twitter account. It is necessary that you log in with your Twitter account so we can access to the hashtag information; don’t worry, Tweet Binder will never use or share your personal information with anyone at all.

Accessing to Tweet Binder to count the number of tweets and log in

Tweet Binder has a nice suite for Twitter analytics. We will enter and in the homepage we will see a big search box where we will insert our hashtag. But before doing that we will need to log in the app. We must do that in order to access the Twitter information, this is a requirement from Twitter.

Twitter analytics for hashtags
Home page of Tweet Binder, in the upper right corner you can see the login button

Writing the hashtag in the Search Box

Once we have logged in we will write the hashtag in the search box and we will press “Create your report”. Once we click on “Create your report” Tweet Binder will start generating a report to know what is the number of tweets of our hashtag. The platform connects to Twitter via API and gathers the public tweets (not sent by private users tweets). The process can take up to one minute if the hashtag is very popular.

Analyzing a hashtag on Twitter
By writing our hashtag (#LoveLife in this example)

Accessing to the Twitter report to count the number or tweets

Once we finish collecting tweets we will access to the report with all the data. The big number will tell us how many tweets our hashtag has (in this case we used #LoveLife) in the last 7 to 10 days. In the example we were using the hashtag #LoveLife and we got 4,121 tweets. That will be the number we are looking for. We need to know that Twitter consider tweets both original tweets and retweets, so those 4,121 tweets include the RTs.

Tweets and RTs are the same for Twitter's API
The big number 4,121 is the number of tweets gathered by Tweet Binder. It includes tweets and RTs

Different types of tweets

There are two types of tweets:

  • Original tweets: those written by one user who adds unique content
  • Retweets: replications of tweets of others.

So when we want to know how many tweets our hashtag has, we must know that the number we get includes retweets. Sometimes is good to know the number of original tweets sent because maybe we want to know if people really added original content to our hashtag. 

Access Tweet Binder to create your report

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