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#NationalPuppyDay: creating a PRO version report

#NationalPuppyDay helps us creating a report

#NationalPuppyDay takes place every march 23. It’s a special day for celebrating the unconditional love existing between a puppy and its owner. But, most importantly, its principal aim is to help save orphaned puppies all around the world. Thousands of tweets using the hashtag were sent during the day. The platform is now full of messages but, mostly, of cute photos. We’re going to analyze just a small sample thanks to Tweet Binder’s PRO version.

Choosing Tweet Binder’s PRO version

This kind of hashtags get very popular. Lots of people use them so, in order to analyze all the data we need to use the PRO version. This tool enables us to create a very complete report in which we get many different details. This time, as we mentioned before, we’re analyzing a sample of the #NationalPuppyDay hashtag. This was done to show all of you how this works.

This tool is going to be really helpful while analyzing a hashtag. It will allow us create historical reports, real time reports and snapshot reports. As we can see it will also give us very important informations such as user rankings, excel exportations or our support.

Once you’ve got your report…

After introducing your request you’ll get the report. As mentioned before, this time we’ll be analyzing the #NationalPuppyDay. We’ve got a sample which is really near to 14.000 tweets. From now on we’re going to show you what type of information you’ll get after analyzing your hashtag.

The hashtag's activity during the day (included in our sample).
#NationalPuppyDay’s activity during the day.

As a curious fact, you may notice that amount of text tweets, retweets, replies and links/images is bigger than the sample. This has a very simple explanation. Many of the tweets that have been analyzed by Tweet Binder may be included in more than one section. For example: one of them could be a Retweet and, at the same time, include a link/image. We can also find important aspects such as Potential impacts (the potential times that someone could have seen the hashtag), the Potential reach (number of unique users that may have seen the hashtag), or the number of tweets that have been sent via Instagram. You can also find two averages: the average of followers per contributor and the average of tweets sent per user.

The PRO version report also gives us informations about users. You want to know who was the most active one? You want to know which one of them was the most popular or who got the highest impact? You’ll get all the answers.  You can also know which contributor was the most mentioned or who was the most retweeted one.

Who where the most popular users. How high was their impact.
Who where the most popular users. How high was their impact.

In terms of hashtag you may find information about the most used one. You’ll find this out thanks to a Top 10 hashtag ranking you’ll find inside your report. In this case the most used one was #NationalPuppyDay but other such as #FridayFeeling or #Puppy were used too.

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