1 min readNew Live Postcard Widget: Improve your web with Tweet Binder

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Your web can be even cooler thanks to Tweet Binder!! We have been very busy creating the New Live Postcard Widget. This widget gives you the possibility to show Tweet Binder content in real time, including text tweets and pics, in a very attractive way. It’s the perfect solution to make the campaign more visual and to improve the user’s collaboration.

The New Live Postcard Widget will look great in your website and, what is better, you can personalize it with your campaign look and feel.

This is the final result!

Customize your Postcards Widget

Remember that Tweet Binder offers different widgets to cover all your needs.

General Stats Widget: Show all the general stats in real time. Number of tweets, impressions, contributors, reach of the campaign and a temporary graphic.
RankingWidget: Create a ranking of most popular or most active users.
Hashtag/User War: Confront two hashtags to know who is the winner.
Trending Topics Widget: Share the most commented topics of your campaign.
Tweet Tracker Widget: Embed the last tweets of your campaign in your website.

Now it’s your time to discover the New Live Postcard Widget and all the widget’s possibilities at www.tweetbinder.com