3 reasons why you need categorize your tweets

As we have told you several times, one thing that sets Tweet Binder apart from its competitors is its binders feature. You can classify your information in several binders and know who has been the most popular speaker o the most popular sponsor. You can also create amazing hashtag battles confronting series’ characters, football players or even politicians. Managing tons of data inside a report can be a very tedious task. It is at that moment when our binder feature comes in really handy. Categorize tweets inside your reports and let us help you make your work easy.

Classify Panel
Categorize tweets with Tweet Binder

Here we are presenting three main reasons why you should categorize your tweets:

1. It helps you keeping your timeline organized: so it is practical
Most of the timeline is full of noise. By creating binders you will be able to find easily what really matters.

2. It lets you check with just one click the info you need for certain keywords: so it is fast + easy
Our best asset is the time. Why do you want to lose it if you have Tweet Binder to make your life better? Creating a binder can take around 1 to 2 minutes depending on the number of filters you want to apply. These 2 minutes can save you lot of time in the future when analyzing the results.

3. Its stats are exported to the advanced report and to the excel document: so it lets you compare stats and data between binders
If you are analysing a huge amount of tweets, why not chopping it and compare the pieces. Are you afraid of the results? You will find interesting data out of the concrete info.


Let’s see an example:

Imagine you’re an event organizer and there were five speakers on your last event. Creating a binder for each of them, you will be able to:

1. See the categories on your timeline.
2. Find quickly the tweets that mention each speaker.
3. See which speaker has generated more buzz.

Now that we have convinced you to create binders, it is your turn to start doing it! And if you are still having doubts feel free to contact us at any moment.