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Instagram Trends: Detect communities through reports

tendencias de instagram

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#LPlafotodeldía: Instagram trends and reports

Through a simple hashtag such as #LPfotodeldía communities share content daily. Publications that sometimes become Instagram trends. Hundreds and thousands of posts are shared using hashtags. But how many? Getting to know the amount of publications shared with a hashtag its easy. In fact, it is very simple thanks to the Tweet Binder Instagram reports.

Until recently it was practically impossible to access the Instagram data. That made it very difficult to create Instagram reports. However, we have worked very hard to continue offering this service at Tweet Binder. This is services is currently a successful one.

Instagram reports: The best way to know if your hashtag is a trend

Tweet Binder offers Instagram reports that provide very complete and varied information. Thanks to them, you can not only know the amount of publications that contain your hashtag. Also, you will know aspects as important as the most mentioned users, the most commented, those who have published the greatest number of photographs…

#Lplafotodeldía is a Instagram trend. We can see it thanks to the Tweet Binder Instagram Report.
Instagram report of the hashtag #LPlafotodeldía which is an Instagram trend.

In this case, the hashtag #LPlafotodeldía has a total of 362 posts. Of these, 97% are photos, while 3% are videos. A total of 75 people have published content accompanied by the hashtag #LPlafotodeldía. The images shared accumulates more than 55,000 likes and more than 2,400 comments. It’s amazing to be able to know all this in a single click, right? These are just some of the data that Tweet Binder Instagram reports include. These metrics are very valuable, for example, for advertising campaigns on Instagram. They allow to receive a lot of information and to know if the campaigns have managed to be an Instagram trend.

Instagram trends: All content in a single Instagram report

Tweet Binder Instagram reports perfectly summarize all the activity that revolves around an Instagram hashtag. In this case, the report on #LPfotodeldía collects a multitude of images. These show us idyllic places and unique moments captured by people from all over the world.

The hashtag #LPlafotodeldía is an Instagram trend
Photograph shared with the hashtag #LPlafotodeldía

As users we are always curious to know how many people have used the same hashtag. And we love seeing the publications related to those topics that interest us. But, what if we could know who participated? These are just some of the possibilities of our Instagram reports. Thanks to the rankings that we can find in them, we can know who has been the most active user, who is the most popular (because they have the largest number of followers), how many likes they have received…

Detail: user rankings Instagram report of Tweet Binder
Rankings of users of the hashtag # LPlafotodeldía included in the Instagram report of Tweet Binder

Find out what Twitter Binder Instagram reports can do for you. Stay informed about everything that happens around Instagram trends such as #LPthefotodeldía. Analyze your hashtags or get to know the performance of your Instagram campaigns.

Visit our website. There you will find all the necessary information about Instagram reports, Twitter reports, reports packages or the complete Plans we offer. Our services adapt to you and your needs.

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