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Discover the final Instagram report with Tweet Binder

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Millions of users share publications on Instagram everyday. Countless comments and likes are shared every minute and numerous new profiles are created on this social network. Beyond of likes and comments, Tweet Binder allows you to obtain complete Instagram statistics and analyze any hashtag. We told how to create Instagram report with Tweet Binder and we are now going to discover what statistics are included in it.

Instagram statistics: Analyze hashtags with Tweet Binder

Once we create the Instagram report with Tweet Binder, we get all the information in an url. Every stat, ranking and data is presented in a very attractive way. First, we have to decide what hashtag we want to analyze and the period of time. We will be able to know the percentage of publications shared, videos and photographs. Then, we will know how many people (contributors) have shared content, how many likes have been generated and how many reviews have been written.

On the other hand, we will discover the impact and scope of the hashtag, the influence of the accounts and finally, the average number of publications that have been shared (engagement). These general statistics are very complete. It is really useful to have a quick and complete resume on how our campaign has developed.

Rankings of users and Instagram content

Furthermore, thanks to our Instagram reports you will be able to analyze up to eight rankings of users. We can organize all the accounts that have shared content by checking the following list: 

  • Most active users by number of post
  • Most popular users by number of followers
  • Highest impact by number of impacts
  • The most liked by number of likes received
  • The most commented by number of comments
  • The photographers by number of photos shared
  • The most tagged by number of tags received
  • The recorders by number of videos shared

All these rankings give us an idea of the profiles that have helped to spread the hashtag. We also will know what kind of accounts share our content. But what content? Tweet Binder has the answer. Our Instagram reports include two rankings of posts. Thanks to these rankings, you will know what content has received the highest number of likes or comments.

Geolocation, related hashtags and Instagram filters

Furthermore, our Instagram reports include a geolocation map where you can detect the exact location from where the post was sent. The option to check out the geo content is very interesting because you can see how the activity of the analyzed hashtag is partitioned.

Finally, added to all the statistics and data included in the Instagram reports, we have access to two new rankings. On the one hand, you can consult what hashtags are used in addition to the main one (what is very interesting as it gives us an idea of new searches). On the other hand, we know which filters have been used the most.

If that was not enough, all these data and complete stats are accessible in an Excel document. Our Instagram reports are the best way to find out what, who, where, how and when the users are sharing publications about your hashtag. You only have to contact us and we will help you with Instagram statistics.