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Why should you use an Instagram statistics app?

Every digital campaign includes Instagram nowadays. There is no doubt about this statement. The total amount of users increases daily because it is the visual social network per excellence. It has also become the favorite one of young people. Obviously, brands and companies are aware of this trend. For this reason, the resources used to enhance hashtags on Instagram are constantly increasing. Not only is it really important to know our Instagram users but also how the hashtag has been shared. Any ideas? Here we will introduce you the most complete Instagram statistics app not forgetting our Twitter analytics tool.

How do I track hashtags on Instagram?

Tracking hashtags on Instagram is really easy with Tweet Binder. You have different options if you want to purchase your own analytics. We actually offer single reports and packages of reports. You will be able to choose the best option for you. Once you have purchased your report, you only have to send an email by sharing the hashtags on Instagram that you need to analyze and the period of time. At that point, the Instagram statistics app starts working. In a few minutes, you will receive your report (Infographic and Excel version). The Instagram hashtag report will be a final one. For that reason, you can ask for updates during the period of analysis. The Instagram statistics app will create the new report in 3 minutes.

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Discover all the Instagram stats in just one click

Knowing more about the Instagram users through the rankings

Our Instagram reports include all the information that you need to assess the campaign. Firstly, you will discover the main stats about your hashtag. To sump up, you will see the total amount of posts, impact and reach. Moreover the contributors, likes, comments, influence and engagement (average number of posts sent per contributor). The Instagram statistics app pays special attention to the information about Instagram users. That is why the report displays up to eight user rankings. Starting from their activity and analyzing their community. It is important to remember that these rankings of users are not simple lists. They include valuable information to get to know better those Instagram users who interacted with our campaign or brand.

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Tweet Binder Instagram analytics

The report is completed with more media information (most liked and most commented post), the geolocation map and two extra rankings showing the top 10 related hashtags and the most used filters. Remember that you can also follow hashtags on Instagram so it is the best option to know how these hashtags are doing and the Instagram users that are sharing content. Tweet Binder allows you to track hashtags on Instagram directly from its Instagram statistics app.

Complete your social media analysis

Do you want more? No problem! Tweet Binder is here to help you with all your social media analytics. On the one hand, you can analyze hashtags on Instagram. On the other hand, you will be able to track the same hashtags on Twitter. As a result, you will receive the 360º coverage of your campaign or event. Feel free to contact us if you need more information.

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