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Instagram in numbers

Every year, we take stock of the most used Instagram accounts and hashtags. Which user has the largest number of followers? Which images have achieved the greatest number of likes? Music and sports celebrities occupy the top positions. The TOP 4 accounts have been Selena Gomez (over 130 million followers), Cristiano Ronaldo (over 116 million), Ariana Grande (over 115) and Beyoncé (more than 108). On the other hand, the most liked photos of 2017 belong to Beyoncé (11,214,332 likes), Cristiano Ronaldo (11,190,567 likes), and Selena Gomez (10,434,768 likes). The importance of metrics is unquestionable! It has become vital to study the Instagram analytics that are behind the posts. There is no doubt! Instagram is a powerful marketing and sales tool. In this post, you will discover all the information about our Instagram analytics. What is more, you will be able to know the importance of using an Instagram Analytics tool.

Measure Instagram analytics report
Analyze any hashtag on Instagram and discover all the stats

The Instagram Analytics Tool to have in mind

Although our name is Tweet Binder, don’t be fooled. For several years, we are also one of the Instagram Analytics Tools used by marketers and social media managers. In Tweet Binder, we work really hard to offer the most comprehensive coverage on any hashtag. Our reports are very appealing and intuitive. Even better, we can display all these stats and posts anywhere thanks to our custom projects. Analyzing a hashtag in Instagram is crucial but… Why not go further and take advantage of all that information? With our Instagram Analytics Tool it is possible and very simple.

All the Instagram analytics in one report

Tweet Binder offers the most complete Instagram analytics. It is possible to detect the general stats, user rankings and geolocated the posts. Moreover, our reports display the most liked and commented post. But that’s not all. Thanks to our tool, you will have all the Instagram statistics about the most commonly mentioned users and hashtags. Our Instagram reports are final reports, but you can request updates during the period of time.

Instagram stats in modules

First of all, the report shows the general statistics: Number of posts, users, number of likes and comments, impacts and reach. In addition, it displays the level of influence and commitment. It is important to pay attention at this point. We have to differentiate between impact and reach. The impact refers to the potential number of times that the hashtag could have been seen. On the other hand, reach refers to how many users may have been able to see the hashtag.

Tweet Binder report
Main stats of #FashionAwards2017

Secondly, the report shows the information related to the users. Our reports include up to eight rankings of users according to multiple criteria (activity, popularity, impact…).  Here we summarize the rankings:

  • Most active users by number of posts
  • Most popular users by number of followers
  • Highest impact by number of impacts
  • The most liked by number of likes received
  • The most commented by number of comments
  • The photographers by number of photos shared
  • The most tagged by number of tags received
  • The recorders by number of videos shared

In addition, the reports offer two rankings of posts with the photos. Thanks to these media rankings, you will know what content has received the highest number of likes or comments.

#canonexploreroflight by Tweet Binder
The most liked content: #canonexploreroflight Instagram report

Finally, our Instagram reports include a geolocation map. As a result, you can detect the location from where the post was sent. Moreover, there are two extra rankings. You can consult what hashtags are used in addition to the main one and which filters have been used the most.

Tweet Binder will help you

As you can see, our Instagram Analytics Tool offers Instagram reports in addition to Twitter reports. If you need to analyze any hashtag, do not hesitate to contact us because we will give you a solution in a few minutes. You will receive a full report with all the information you need to go beyond the numbers.