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Instagram Analytics reports for your social media campaign

informe analítico instagram

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Instagram is now the king of Social Networks

Instagram is a very young platform. It was launched in 2010 and, since then, it is growing day by day. It currently has more than 800 million active users. Crazy, right? This growth has made Instagram a very useful tool. Brands are increasingly using it to empower their social media campaign. Firstly, they did it through their profiles. Nowadays, more often, they do it by hiring some influencers. This kind of users manage a very wide audience and engagement. Obviously, it gives a lot of visibility to the brands. How much exactly? It is easy to know it if we create an Instagram Analytics report with Tweet Binder.

What do I have to consider for my social media campaign?

It seems obvious that we should take a look at the number of followers of each profile. This is a metric used to assess the influence. However, we can now say that it is not the most important one. We know that there are some “shortcuts” to reach a high number of followers. But, as a company, we should not be interested in working with low activity profiles. Don’t you think? For that reason, we will have to take special care to the selection of the profiles that will promote our brand.

At this point, we have to answer the most important question. What do I have to consider talking about our social media campaign? We will have to pay attention to other metrics. For example, to its activity as it is constantly updating. In addition, you will need to interact with the audience. As a conclusion, it is important to receive comments from their followers and to answer them. Besides, they have to be real tweets. We are not interested in emojis; That would not bring any value to our social media campaign.

I have worked with influencers… Now what?

Once we have taken into account the main metrics mentioned, it is time to learn about the success of the social media campaign. It may seem very difficult, but it really isn’t. There are many tools that offer Instagram metrics. Honestly, with Tweet Binder it is really simple. It is so easy because you only need to follow these steps:

– Buy your Instagram Analytics report through our website
– You will receive the confirmation email. One of our agents will be working on your Instagram Analytics report
– In a few minutes, you will receive your report (Infographic and excel version)

Discover the Instagram Analytics report

Choosing the correct tool is difficult. Therefore, our Instagram Analytics report is really helpful, promise. You will get the main information in just one click. As a conclusion, you will be able to decide if your collaboration was the right one. Tweet Binder’s Instagram Analytics report shows different metrics in a simple report. Some of them are related to the users. The others give us data related to the published content. Through them, we can discover how active the influencer has been. Moreover, how many likes and comments have received their publications. This data will help us to assess our social media campaign.