2 min readWhy should you use a hashtag monitoring tool for your #TwitterChat?

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What is a Twitter chat?

We have start by clarifying what a Twitter Chat is. It is difficult to know it if we haven’t run one before. Twitter chats are public conversations focused around a hashtag. The organizer promotes the conversation about a topic that is interesting to the community. The real-time nature of the chat requires three actions to succeed. It is necessary to promote it, structure it well and, last but not at least, monitor the hashtag using a hashtag monitoring tool. With the Twitter report we will discover how it has worked. A good chat on Twitter will make people come back and join it again.

Using a Hashtag monitoring Tool is a must

Nowadays it is necessary to choose a hashtag for any conversation or campaign on Twitter. That is why we have to choose a striking one for the chat. If we want to release a weekly or monthly chat, a general hashtag will be perfect. Important! You should check if the hashtag has been used before in order to avoid unrelated content. Choosing a hashtag is the first step; then, we need to select the topic, promote it and structure the conversation. All those things are important, but we can not forget to monitor in real time all the activity. Tweet Binder is the perfect hashtag monitoring tool for that aim. Tweet Binder analyzes any hashtag, term or account in real time so you will be able to monitor all the conversation live.

Twitter reports powered by Tweet Binder
Discover Tweet Binder and the Twitter Reports

Twitter report in real time

Creating a real time report is really easy with Tweet Binder. You can ask for your live report directly from here or you can create it by yourself if you are a PRO user. Once you create the report, you will have access to all the main stats and rankings of your hashtag. There, you will see the main stats (total number of tweets and users, impacts and reach and the tweets classification). We differentiate between Text tweets, RTs, Replies and Links and pics. The activity chart is displayed with all the timeline’s information. You will be able to move the timeline markers to adjust the chart and select the period of time. Furthermore, you will discover the rankings of users, contributors’ information, languages and extra rankings. Let’s discover the Twitter report with an example.

#SomeChatES: Stats and rankings

We have chosen the last #SomeChatES for our analysis because we are going to take part in today’s chat. The conversation was focused on Strategic Marketing Plans. The Chat lasted around an hour and all the users discussed lively about the strategies, marketing plans and engagement. The Twitter report powered by Tweet Binder gives the following stats.

Total Tweets388
Text tweets71

Thanks to Tweet Binder, you will be able to discover your user rankings. If you want to remember the importance of knowing your audience, you will find all the information in the previous post. Here we summarize the #SomeChatES users. Obviously, the guest Fátima Martinez was the most active users and the most popular one.

User rankings
Discover the most popular an active users

Are you planning a Twitter Chat! Tweet Binder can be the best partner. Feel free to contact us if you need more information about our Twitter reports. We will be more than happy to show you how the hashtag monitoring tool works. In fact, our reports are more complete now. Discover the new metrics.