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Identify your campaign with a hashtag

Every marketing campaign has huge repercussion on Social Media. Agencies tend to go from traditional channels (television or radio) to more modern ones such as Social Media or the internet. Companies have realized that they have a huge audience among the Twitter and the Instagram world and they have decided to go all for it. We have already pointed out the importance of choosing a specific hashtag for your campaigns. If an agency hits the target with the hashtag chosen for a campaign it is very likely that it will get a lot of repercussion and success on the campaign. However, it is a nonsense to build a campaign around a hashtag if you don’t keep track of it. That is why we want to remark the importance of choosing a good hashtag analytics tool.

How to choose a good hashtag analytics tool

If you type the group of words hashtag analytics tool in Google’s search box, lots of tools will come up. So the question here is, how do I choose the tool that better fits my needs? Well, first of all you need to know what you want to track. Do you need a real time analysis? Maybe you just need an historical search of your campaign. It is very important to have a clear idea of what you are going to track. Hashtag monitoring tools can be a little bit tricky so it is necessary to type down everything you want to analyze.

Analyze any hashtag with Tweet Binder
How many tweets a hashtag has?

Ask your self the following questions:

  1. What do I need to track? Is it a hashtag or an account? Maybe both?
  2. What Social Network am I going to launch my campaign in? Twitter, Instagram, Facebook?
  3. Do I need a real time analysis of my campaign? Maybe you just need to run a report once the campaign has finished?

Once you have written down an answer to each one of those questions, it is time to start looking for a good social media measurement tool. As Tweet Binder is the tool we know the most about we will show you how to create simple reports in just one click.

Social Media reports with Tweet Binder

With Tweet Binder you can track anything you need to on Twitter and any hashtag on Instagram. We have no date limitation when it comes to tracking Twitter or Instagram. For example, let’s imagine that you run the same campaign every year and you want to compare them; we could run a report for each one (even if we have to go back to 2009) and then you will be able to compare them and see which one it worked best.

With Tweet Binder you can run real time reports or historical reports. Click on the links to learn how to obtain those reports. Reports are also exported to an excel document, this way is easier to work with the data. Tweet Binder also has a free version where users can run reports of up to 2,000 tweets from the last 7 days without paying.

Tweet Binder home page
You can insert any term or hashtag into the search box

It is really important to keep track of your campaign, we want you to know the performance of your hashtags. If you decide to use Tweet Binder for your next campaign we will welcome you with open arms and will help you going through all the analytics.

Click here to create your first Tweet Binder report