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Social Networks have turned into an essential part of our daily lives. It doesn’t matter how old you are, where do you come from or what you do for a living. We are all influenced by Social Media in one way or another. Twitter is filled everyday with millions of posts about a wide range of different topics. That is why it seem important to keep track of what is being said.

The blue bird Social Network, create by Jack Dorsey, has turned into the main source of news. Everything happening in real life as its echo on Twitter. However, not all the tweets have the same repercussion nor all hashtags become a trend. In order to analyze and jump to data-based conclusions, we are going to learn how to get free Twitter Analytics. The market provides a wide range of options to do that. In fact, there are several tools that offer Twitter stats. This post is focused on the Twitter free reports by Tweet Binder.

Free Twitter Analytics with Tweet Binder

The Social Media tracking tool Tweet Binder is a very complete choice. Moreover, it is very intuitive and easy to use. We just need to login to www.tweetbinder.com with a Twitter account. This is a standard procedure. It doesn’t mean giving Tweet Binder access to any private data, of course. Once we have done this, we just need to type the term we want to track and hit “Create your report!”. Easy Peasy!

Tweet Binder allows you to track twitter accounts, analyze hashtags or look for a combination of terms. In fact, we have already published several posts giving advice on how to use Twitter’s advanced search with Tweet Binder. 

Tweet Binder's homepage is very easy to use.
Tweet Binder’s homepage

Once we have hit the sent button, we just need to wait a few seconds. After that, the report will be displayed with the Twitter data of our search. The Free Twitter Analytics that Twitter Binder provides, give back the last 500 tweets of our query. These tweets need to have been published a maximum of 7 days back. Meaning that the free twitter analytics reports give up to 500 tweets from the last 7 days. This is a good sample to have a general overview of our query.

Furthermore, Tweet Binder’s free twitter analytics are given in two formats. On the one hand, once we generate a report we are taken to the advanced report. However, we can also get a basic report. This one has the main data of our analysis, it’s like a general overview. On the other hand, the advanced report is a much more complete option and gives a detailed view of the data analyzed.

Basic Free Twitter Report

Tweet Binder’s basic report is a general overview on our searched term. There are the stats and data it includes:

  • Data range of the report
  • Number of analyzed tweets
  • Typology of tweets (RTs, links/pics, replies and text tweets)
  • Users that have sent tweets with the analyzed term
  • Economic market value of our search
  • Potential impression
  • Timeline
  • Ranking of most active and popular users
  • Gallery of images
Tweet Binder's Free Twitter Analytics
See the evolution of your hashtag with the timeline of tweets

Our Social Media tracking tool allows you to also share your report on Twitter. It also includes the option of directly sharing it with a tweets. Everything in just one click. Not bad, huh? But, as we have said, that is not all!

Advanced Free Twitter Report

Once we have look into the data the basic Twitter report gives back, what else could we get for free? In case the upper mentioned stats were not enough, the users also received an advanced free Twitter report. We just have to click on “Advanced stats”. This report is more complete so it is better to do an in-depth analysis the analyzed terms.

Tweet Binder analyzes mentions to #FantasticBeasts AND Nagini
#FanstacticBeasts AND Nagini Sep 25, 2018 13:45:36 – Sep 27, 2018 13:37:03 – PRO report by Tweet Binder

In addition to all the info the basic report gives back, the Advanced Twitter report provides, among others, stats such as the potential reach, the number of original tweets, the average of tweets per contributor and much more. In this report, we get up to six user rankings. With the PRO version of the report, these rankings are increased by nine more.

To sum up, we get neat data about the users that have participated with our hashtag. We can discover who the most active or influential are or those who have a higher impact. All this for free!

Discover Tweet Binder

If the sample the free Twitter report gives back is not enough for you, Tweet Binder’s PRO version is always available. Once you generate a free Twitter report, different reports will be suggested so that you can make the most out of your analysis. In fact, each type of report responds to different tracking need. There are the main PRO reports to analyze hashtags, accounts or anything on Twitter:

  • Real time Twitter report: Since the moment we activate the streaming, tweets will be tracked in real time for the query we have sent. This is a perfect choice to analyze an event’s activity, a TV program or series and any marketing campaign.
  • Last 30-days Twitter report: With this choice we can can go up to 30 days back since the day we generate the report. This is perfect to analyze monthly campaigns if we have forgotten about activating a real time Twitter report.
  • Twitter historical report: It doesn’t matter when the tweet was sent, it can be analyzed. Thanks to this report we can go back without time limit to get data from past campaigns and compare them to current ones. It is also very useful to get stats for a whole year and make balance and reach conclusions. It is, without doubt, the best way of analyzing past Twitter data about any topic or hashtag. 

Final conclusions

Both basic and advanced reports are included in any Tweet Binder report. PRO reports can also be exported to an Excel sheet in order to run a deeper analysis of our search. Of course, our Social Media tracking tool offer monthly and annual plans for Social Media analytics. These are perfect for those who manage several campaigns or accounts.

So, if it is to obtain free Twitter Analytics or to analyze tweets from years ago, Tweet Binder is the Social Media listening tool you were looking for. Do not hesitate and visit our web to start creating your own free Twitter reports!

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