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Instagram takes a step forward

Don’t be fooled by our name, Tweet Binder also cares about Instagram. We try to be up to date on any news regarding Social Media and the networks we track. Last month Twitter announced the rise of its tweet character limit from 140 to 280 characters. This was a huge challenge for us as we had to change all our structure to display 280 characters. However, we were able to do it and now we analyze and display up to 280 characters. But Twitter is not the only Social Network that makes changes, Instagram also tries to be innovative. The biggest change we have had to face regarding Instagram is when they changed their algorithm. It became more difficult to track hashtags on real time and display content but our dev team was able to overcome that obstacle. So, what is the new change Instagram has implemented? Now users are able to follow hashtags and not only users.

Follow hashtags on Instagram

The Social Network announced yesterday on its blog this new feature. Users are going to be able to follow hashtags in order to be updated on their interests. For instance, if you fancy food you can follow hashtags such us #instafoody or #foodie. This way, pictures posted with those hashtags will appear on your timeline. As they say, this is a new way of staying “connected with the interests, hobbies, passions and communities” we care about.

It won’t be necessary to go to the Explore tab and search for the content on a hashtag anymore. If you you are interested in a topic you just have to follow a hashtag. This is a great upgrade for users that will find endless content on their timelines. Let’s see an example: at Tweet Binder we are huge fans of The Matildas, the Australia women’s national soccer team. So, in order to be updated on their latest news we are going to follow the hashtag #TheMatildas.

Looking for #TheMatildas on Instagram
#TheMatildas on Instagram’s Explore tab

First, we need to go to the Explore tab and look for the hashtag we want to follow: #TheMatildas. Lots of hashtags containing that will show up and we just need to choose the one we want to. After choosing the hashtag we need to track we will see that a button saying “Follow” will appear, once we click on it we will be following the hashtag.


#TheMatildas on Instagram
Following the hashtag #TheMatildas on Instagram

As you can see, the process is very similar as the one to follow a user. It is easy and super intuitive. We have just started following #TheMatildas but we already have a tiny list of hashtags we want to follow. In our opinion, this is a very useful feature that brings Instagram to a new and better level where we are sure more updates will come.

Instagram hashtag analytics

Following a hashtag is not enough, we need to know how that hashtag is performing and the users that are sharing content. Tweet Binder allows you to track hashtags on Instagram and obtain a complete analytics report. Let’s see how the hashtags #TheMatildas has performed on Instagram.

Instagram hashtag analysis of #TheMatildas
#TheMatildas Instagram hashtag analysis

It is safe to say that we are very happy with Instagram’s new feature. It will help users to keep their timelines full of content they care about. Which will Instagram’s next new feature be? Do you already follow a hashtag and you need to track it? Feel free to reach out to us anytime!

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