Combining TV sets and Tweet Binder: entertainment through social media

Tweet Binder and television: a new usage for our Social Walls

We are always trying to make you see how our Social Walls are the best solution for your events and here is another proof of it. Marketing Directo was having an event about the relation between technology and marketing. This year’s news were that they introduced music as a new variable. The Tech Marketing Rockstars event took place on a TV set and gather professionals on marketing, technology and music.

Having said this, it is easy to understand that Tweet Binder was needed there. Our Social Wall was displayed around the TV set in different screens so that everyone was able to see it and participate on it. We loved the idea of displaying the social wall on a new venue as it is a new proof that there are no limits when talking about displaying social media content. And involving the participants is always a great strategy to engage with our current followers and with the potential ones.

The event had more than 2,000 tweets with 603 participants, and they were all eager to see their tweets on screen. @Sheype encouraged Twitter users to participate with the hashtag so that they could see their tweets during de debate.

Tweet Binder Social Wall for entertainment
Social content displayed on a Tweet Binder Social Wall
Tweet Binder the tool to display social content
A Tweet Binder Social Wall on a television set.

This time we offered one of our regular social walls to Marketing Directo. We ofter work closely to help them display the tweets and publications shared at their numerous event. They know that by displaying tweets, Instagram publications, users rankings and general stats on a customized wall they have a perfect chance to increase the attendees interest and to offer their sponsors a new window to be seen. It was also important to design the social wall according to the topics that were going to be discussed at the event. Every detail is taken under account at Tweet Binder. We also like challenges, we have created social walls from scratch.

As you can see, our Social Walls can really help you making the most of your event, no matter you are having a huge one or a tiny one, Tweet Binder has to be there. So, if you want to know more about this feature, contact us and we will gladly help you!