Ticker Wall with Twitter content for Deloitte #msfbcn2016

In a world full of conferences and summits, it’s necessary to make the difference. A social wall gives the essential edge that will distinguish you from the rest. Showing tweets and stats on real time will engage the audience and encourage attendees to continue sharing their tweets and opinions from the event. If you are displaying a live stream of the event or any presentation, you can always go for a ticker social wall. This type of tweetwall displays only text tweets. It comes very handy when you are also displaying content on the main screen.

That’s what Dq Deloitte achieved thanks to the integration between live streaming and social media during the amazing #msfbcn2016. All the attendees interacted to the live action sharing tweets about the most important moments or quotes.

Ticker Social Wall for Deloite #msfbcn2016

Furthermore, the whole conversation moved to Twitter having amazing results. More tan 300 people tweeted about the event making #msfbcn2016 trending topic in Spain during the morning. Moreover, the hashtag achieved over 4 million impressions.

Why the Tweet Binder Ticker Wall succeeded at #msfbcn2016?

  • Personalization:
    The social Wall maintained the look & feel of the event. According to the screen size and disposition, the ticker Wall was perfectly integrated.
  • Real time:
    Latest tweets were shown on the wall within seconds of difference since being posted on Twitter. This way, attendees really felt they were part of the event and the conversation.
  • Moderation: As Deloitte’s team moderated all the content, they could approve all the related tweets avoiding the inappropriate ones.