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Twitter tracking report: by Tweet Binder

In the last few days, we have presented several novelties of the new Tweet Binder update, this sentence can be applied at any moment of the year because here at Tweet Binder we are always launching new metrics and features for your Twitter analytics. A Twitter tracking report is a very powerful tool that will help you and your company to take the right decisions because it shows how a hashtag or term performed during a period of time. Let’s imagine that your company is launching a new product, you will have to choose a hashtag and you hope (and pray) a lot of users engage with it. When this happens, you need to know possible thing about how people engaged with it, not only the number of tweets of the hashtag (a tweets counter is great, but it is not the main stat). In this post we will explain how Tweet Binder Twitter reports can help you with that.   

As an addition, in this new version we have analyzed in detail the economic market value of the hashtag, the new rankings… Now is the time to delve into one of the major changes. The Twitter reports have a new (and improved) appearance. Moreover, they include all the Twitter stats that we already know and many new ones. Let’s go deeper through them! Do you want to know all the data that includes the Advanced Twitter report? Keep reading this post.

Create a Twitter Stats report

Twitter stats in 2019

The stats we can find in Twitter are amazing, that’s something that we don’t just say because we work actually creating Twitter stats, is because there are so many information in a tweet that you can obtain very valuable conclusions when analyzing a hashtag. You can know the top twitter accounts of one hashtag investing just a few minutes or your time, or you can know if a team supporters use more Android or iPhone. Twitter stats can help companies to decide what path to go or what market to attack, they are out there and we just need to know how to analyze that Twitter information in a right way. 

It is important at this point to know that Twitter analytics tools can only access to the public information, we cannot analyze the tweets coming from private or deleted accounts. The analytics always come from open accounts. Data come from Twitter’s API, who provide raw data to tools like Tweet Binder and then we combine all of them and create the Twitter reports on hashtags or terms. When talking about stats, we see that people are more familiar with stats like “twitter impressions” or “tweet reach” but there are others that complete those and that can add a total different point of view. For example: engagement, users or original content (In Tweet Binder we are fans of original Twitter content by the way).

General Twitter statistics

First of all, we have to remember that Tweet Binder allows you to analyze any hashtag, term or account (or a combination of any of them), we usually say that you can analyze anything that can fit in a tweet. It doesn’t matter what your search is because the report is the same for all cases: historical reports, real time or 30-day ones. Mainly, the advanced Twitter report shows the general Twitter stats of our search. In fact, we will find the following Twitter stats within the Advanced Twitter report:

  • Total tweets: Total of original tweets and retweets shared with the hashtag during the time of analysis.
  • Economic market value of the hashtag/Hashtag Economic Value: Amount of money the hashtag is worth in the market. Learn more about the economic value of a hashtag
  • Types of tweets:
    – Text tweets: Tweets shared with the hashtag that contain nothing but text.
    – Replies: Replies sent using the hashtag.
    – Retweets: Retweets made to tweets that contain the hashtag.
    – Links/Pics: Tweets shared with the hashtag that contain a link or media.
  • Potential impacts: The potential number of times somebody could have seen the hashtag. Also known as Twitter impressions.
  • Potential reach: The potential number of unique users that could have seen the hashtag.
  • Contributors: Number of users that have tweeted using the hashtag during the time analyzed.
  • Tweets/contributor: Average number of tweets per contributor.
  • Followers/contributor: Average amount of followers per contributor.
  • Tweets – original content: Number of original tweets shared with the hashtag. Retweets excluded.
  • Original contributors: Number of users that have shared original content with the hashtag.
  • Original tweets/contributors: Average number of original tweets per original contributor.
New advanced reports' statistics
General statistics about our hashtag found in the new advanced reports.

Hashtag analytics are a great tool to measure the effectiveness of an action. In the past you would need to do all of this manually, know thanks to tools like Tweet Binder you can do it in seconds. We are very proud of our platform to be honest.

Tweets activity

The tweets time chart shows the time period analyzed in a way everyone can understand. You can see where the pikes are and act. It is possible to adjust the period of time and select the kind of information that you want to display. Besides, you will be able to download the graphic to include it in any presentation you need to.

Twitter stats chart
This is how a timeline is shown when analyzing a hashtag.

Contributor rankings: Users that have participated using the hashtag

We know that the user rankings are one of the most outstanding content for our users. It is important to know the activity of the hashtag but also the people who have shared content and have made it grow. We value and order all users according to different criteria. Some related to their activity and others, to the accounts themselves. Moreover, we have added three new rankings to the ones you already knew.

  • Most active: Users that have sent more content including original tweets and retweets.
  • Retweets: Users that have sent more retweets in the report.
  • Original tweets: Users that have sent more original tweets in the report.
  • Most popular: Users with the highest number of followers within the report.
  • Highest impact: Users that have generated the highest number of impacts in the report. (Number of tweets X number of followers).
  • Top photographers: Users that have sent the highest number of pics with the hashtag in the report.
  • Certified users: Certified accounts that have participated with the hashtag.
  • Top engagers: Users ranked by the average number of retweets they received to their original tweets shared with the hashtag in this report.
  • Top repliers: Users that sent the highest number of replies with the hashtag in the report.
Tweet Binder report
Tweet Binder report includes 3 new users rankings

These last three rankings are the new. As you can see, we give importance to the verified accounts and also to the original activity of the users.

Economic market value of the hashtag

Finally, we have reached the hot spot of the new report. Not only will you find Twitter stats but also there is a new highlight. From now on, the PRO reports will include the economic market value of the hashtag and more related metrics. Let’s discover all of them and remember, you can learn more by reading this post.

Market economic value of a hashtag
Tweet Binder displays the Market economic value of a hashtag
  • Economic market value of the hashtag: How much the hashtag is worth according to the market. This shows how much we would have had to pay our users in order to get the impact our hashtag had.
  • Average user’s value: Average amount of money users in this report are worth in the market. 
  • Average tweet’s value: Average amount of money tweets in this report are worth in the market. 
  • Economic user’s value: Distribution of the economic value of the users in this report.
  • Economic tweet’s value: Distribution of the economic value of the tweets in this report.
  • Highest influencers: Users in this report ranked by their economic value. This shows how much a text tweet from this users is worth in the market. 
  • Most expensive users: Users in this report ranked by the economic value of the tweets they have sent with the analyzed hashtag.
  • Most expensive tweets: Tweets ranked by the amount of money they are worth in the market.

It is important to remember that the economic market value of the hashtag will be included into the excel document. You will discover the economic market value of each tweet and user.

Binders’ details

We can not forget the feature that makes Tweet Binder unique. The possibility to create binders to organize all the tweets. This functionality is still available in this new version of the tool. Thanks to Tweet Binder, you will be able to organize all the tweets according to the criteria you decide (hashtags, activity from a particular account, mentions…). In addition, once these folders have been created, the information will be updated instantly and you will be able to see the Twitter stats of each binder.

You can create binders for any hashtag or term, it is a great way to get even more twitter analytics because you can make your reports even deeper. The uses of binders are huge and no matter what you are tracking on Twitter, you can always complete your research with those. 


Besides, all images that have been shared under the hashtag will appear in this report’s module. You can navigate through them and see what specific users have shared them by doing mouse over.

Tweet Binder image
Discover all the images shared under the hashtag

New Twitter stats coming in 2019

We have updated this post about Twitter analytics to add a few more stats that are coming to the Tweet Binder suite in June 2019. These are:

  • Sentiment analytics: know you will be able to know what the people are thinking about your hashtag, positive, negative, neutral…
  • Gender: a great metric as well, are the people tweeting male or female?
  • Pictures with more engagement: pictures with the highest number of likes and retweets
  • User engagement by likes: who’s the user with more likes per tweet and more likes in total
  • Age on Twitter: how old are the people tweeting on Twitter? (Twitter age)
  • Text length: how long are the tweets of the hashtags (size matter, doesn’t it?)

And more and more. We will be the tool with the highest number of metrics of the market. Twitter hashtag analytics will never be the same after this new release.

Extra Twitter stats

  • Most mentioned users: Top 10 users ranked by the number of mentions they have received in this report.
  • Most retweeted users: Top 10 users ranked by the number of retweets they have received in this report.
  • Tweets/Contributor: Distribution between the number of users and the number of tweets they have sent in this report.
  • Contributor influence: Distribution of the number of users considering the followers they have.
  • Top 10 languages: Number of tweets sent in this report in each of the top 10 languages.
  • Ranking 10 sources: Tweets ranked by the source from which they were sent.
  • Top 10 hashtags: Hashtags people have used in this report along with the analyzed hashtag.

Create your Advanced Twitter report now

As you probably know, we have no limits if we talk about Twitter analysis. Tweet Binder can create the Advanced Twitter report without time limitation or for the last 30 days or whatever you need. On the other hand, it is possible to analyze any hashtag in real time (also without time limit). I’m sure we have the perfect Twitter report for you. Contact us and we will recommend the best option for you.

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