Advanced Search Operators

Do you want to become an advanced searcher? Tweet Binder offers the most complete Twitter hashtag analysis. We can assure you this post will help you with your hashtag monitoring.

We want to help you becoming one! If you want to know how, keep reading and you will learn how to make the most out of your seeks in hashtag monitoring.

Twitter hashtag analysis

Leave the basic operators behind, do not only look for simple hashtags #tweetbinder, terms Social Media, accounts @twitter or links You can filter by dates, type of tweets, language or even combine all those!

  • By date (always from the last seven days)

It is really simple, you just have to write the hashtag/term/account/link followed by “since:year-month-day until:year-month-day”.

This way, the seek for Social Media would be:  socialmedia dates

You can also seek since one date or until another date.

  • By type of tweet

Tweets can contain retweets, links or photos. So, if you want to see either of those from one hashtag/term/account/link you just need to write next to it RT, HTTP or PIC.

Also, if you want to exclude any of those types of tweets you just need to put a hyphen before the term to analyze.

This way, seeks would look like this: #tweetbinder RT, #tweetbinder –HTTP, #tweetbinder -RT –PIC.type of tweet

  • By language

Tweet Binder is able to filter any hashtag/term/account/link by language.

English – @twitter lang:en

Spanish – @twitter lang:es

French – @twitter lang:fr

Italian – @twitter lang:itlanguage

  • Several terms at the same time

If you want to look for tweets that combine more than one term you just have to write them with a space between them.

The seek would be like this:Captura de pantalla 2016-03-30 a las 13.47.57

You can also can look for either of those terms:

Terms OR

  • Combination of operators

You can combine all the upper operators!combine

combine 2

combine 2

What do you think? If you still having doubts about this, do not hesitate and contact us!