6 reasons why you should track Social Media

Social Media is the place where everyone shares his opinion on any topic. It can be a marketing campaign, a political event, a concert, a sport event, anything! That is why we need to keep an eye on what is being published. At Tweet Binder we are introducing some of the most relevant reasons why you should track Social Media.

1. Know quantitative data about the topic you are analyzing

By running a Social Media report you will obtain insights on how the term has behave on Twitter. It is not only relevant to know the number of tweets that have been sent but also to know how many of those tweets were Retweets, pictures, replies, etc.

Tweet Binder analyzes #SearchingForSyria
Quantitative analysis for #SearchingForSyria by Tweet Binder

2. Detect your campaign’s impact and reach

A useful data to analyze on a campaign is its impact and reach. The impact stands for the potential number of times the hashtag could have been seen by Twitter users. Whereas the reach stands for the potential number of people that could have seen the hashtag.

3. Know who your audience is

With the user rankings you will easily detect the most active contributors, the most popular, those who have sent more pictures and much more. A tool like Tweet Binder provides you more than 7 user rankings so that you can obtain as many insights about your audience as possible. Even though our online report gives you up to 10 users per ranking, these are later exported to an excel document where you can sort the information by any criteria you need to and you will obtain a complete ranking with all the contributors to your report.

Contributor rankings for #SearchingForSyria
#SearchingForSyria Contributors’ rankings

4. Know where your audience is tweeting from

With a Tweet Binder report you can learn the type of devices from where users are participating. This may seem like an irrelevant data but it can actually be pretty useful. If you know the type of devices your audience has you can later run responsive campaigns for those devices.

5. Classify your information

Having to process huge amount of data can sometimes turn into a very annoying task. You may need to manually sort all that information and it can take hours. With Tweet Binder’s hashtag tracking tool you can easily classify those statistics. It is not a casualty that our name is Tweet Binder. A binder allows you to automatically put together all the information about a concrete topic. Let’s take as an example an event organizer. This person is having an event where the speakers’ board is compound of five different talkers. By creating a binder for each of them this event planner will have all their mentions and tweets easily organized in binders.

6. Social Media is the closest you will get to your audience’s real opinion

People express themselves in many different ways, but Social Media is the place where everyone shares his opinions. There is no difference if you are a marketing strategist, an event planner or a company, you need to know what users are saying about you on Social Media. So, don’t be left behind and start (or keep) giving Social Media analysis the importance it has.

Tweet Binder is open 24/7, feel free to contact us at any moment and ask us the questions you may have about Social Media analytics.